Solarguard 155 Fence Charger (12V)



The Patriot integrated solar charger is ideally suited to strip grazing or protecting remote areas where regular access is inconvenient. The Patriot Solarguard 155 can help protect erosion areas from further stock damage or prevent livestock from damaging young trees or riverbanks. Ideal for small range acreage settings. 

Powers up to 10 miles, 40 acres.

Peak Output Energy (up to) 0.15J   Peak Stored Energy (up to) 0.21J

Output Voltage (up to) 10.0 kV max, 3.7 kV @ 1,000 Ω

Internal Rechargable Battery: 12V / 7Ah



Fully portable, 'All in One' compact design

  • Comes with an internal battery and solar panel, providing a convenient all-in-one energizer.  

Solar powered

  • Energy efficient solar panel charges the internal battery to power the fence line. 

Flashing red light

  • Indicates at a glance the energizer is working and powering the fence. 


  • Battery saving mode maximizes battery life.

Low impedance energizer

  • Designed to deliver power to the end of the fence even under heavy load (e.g. foliage, undergrowth).

Multiple mounting options

  • T-post and wood post mounting option. 

Optimal voltage for maximum control

Fully weatherproof

Large storage capacity

  • Enables up to 21 days of operation without sunlight.

Fast set up with no trenches or underground cable

2 year warranty (including lightning)

Post mounting system for T-posts, steel posts and wooden posts
Solarguard 155 Fence Charger (12V)
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  • Solarguard 155 Fence Charger (12V)
  • Solarguard 155 Fence Charger (12V)
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