Stafix M63RS Energizer


Powers up to 390 miles of fence line, 4000 acres
Maximum Output Energy: 63 J
Maximum Stored Energy: 97 J

Includes Remote Control Fence Compass.

Stafix's top of the line powered energizers are high performing, powerful units designed for extensive electric fence systems.The Stafix M63RS energizer is the most powerful energizer in the world.The 220 VAC powered M63RS provides 63 Joules of output energy and 8500 Volts for up to 390 miles, or 4000 acres, of electric fence. It has the ability to sense changes along the fence line and automatically adjust the output energy to match the requirement maximizing safety, while providing ideal stock control. The Stafix M63RS has been through extreme environmental testing to ensure that it exceeds the demands encountered on any game park or farm, making it the ideal energizer for large properties with extensive electric fencing systems.


Product features:

Cyclic Wave® technology

Bi-polar technology

Remote capable (FSTFCRC remote included)

Indicator lights

Load response feature

Large terminals

Low impedance

Low interference

Rugged design

Half voltage terminal

2 year manufacturers warranty - Includes lightning

Stafix M63RS Energizer
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