1" & 1.2" Used Fiberglass Sucker Rod, Custom Cut



Contact us for accurate freight and if you have any questions on how to order. Thanks!

- 1" $1.03 per foot, 1.2" $1.13 per foot (ORDER QUANTITY MUST BE IN TOTAL FEET, ex. if you want 100 of 6' sucker rods, you   will need to have an order quantity of 600)

- Custom holes = $0.12 per hole (separate option on ordering, must have order quantity in total number of holes)

- Does not come with pins, contact us for pricing and availability on pins. 


Unlike metal or wood posts, fiberglass posts are:

Maintenance Free:

  • will not rot
  • will not rust
  • will not crack due to cold


  • cannot cause a short
  • eliminate insulators forever


  • flex upon impact
  • over 2X the strength of equivalent steel
  • pointed tips drive easily



1" & 1.2" Used Fiberglass Sucker Rod, Custom Cut

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