Heavy Duty HD850 Load Bar


 HD850 Dimensions:

  • Length: 34"
  • Width: 3"
  • Step-up height: 4"
  • Weighing capacity: 6600 lbs.
  • Brackets sold separately
    Heavy Duty (HD) series load bars are designed for permanent installations under manual squeeze chute applications. The unique foot assembly, constructed of a special load centering cup, absorbs the extreme side and front-to-back loads. The internal shear beam load cells are aircraft grade aluminum and are potted with a two pot polyurethane compound. Heavy dyte TPR/PVC cables minimize the likelihood of cable damage. HD load bar accuracy rating within +/- 1% when installed on a level, concrete slab.
    • 16.5' cable length
    • Load bar system consists of 2 individual load bars
    • Galvanized steel housing ensures strength and corrosion resistance
    • Heavy duty steel foot plate
    • Load cells completely enclosed to protect against dirt, moisture, & rodents
    • Not legal for trade or certified
    • 2-year warranty
    Heavy Duty HD850 Load Bar
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    • Heavy Duty HD850 Load Bar
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