PB12 Energizer (DC)


Ideal for small remote areas or quick temporary fences.  

Powers up to 10 miles, 40 acres.

Peak Output Energy (up to) 0.12J   Peak Stored Energy (up to) 0.16J

Output Voltage (up to) 8.0 kV max, 4.5 kV @ 2,000 Ω

Current Consumption: 7-24 mA



Portable, convenient energizer

Low impedance energizer

  • Designed to deliver power to the end of the fence even under heavy load e.g. foliage, undergrowth

LED indicator

  • LED indicator pulses when energizer is working

Simple set up

  • Clips directly onto fence wire for added convenience

On/Off switch

  • Turns energizer off for easy relocation and battery saving

Versatile power options

  • Can be powered externally (6, 9, or 12V) or internally (4 x 1.5V D size batteries)

Automatic recharge

  • When operating on fence with low loads, automatically uses excess stored energy to recharge itself thus extending battery life

Optional tread-in stand (sold separately)

  • Allows energizer to be installed securely in any location

2 year full replacement warranty (including lightning)

PB12 Energizer (DC)
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  • PB12 Energizer (DC)
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