PBX120 Fence Charger (12v)


Suited for farms with a small number of livestock. 

Powers up to 30 miles, 100 acres.

Peak Output Energy (up to) 1.2J   Peak Stored Energy (up to) 1.7J

Output Voltage (up to) 10.0 kV max, 5.5 kV @ 500 Ω

Current Consumption: 110 mA

Recommended solar panel: 10 watt



Portable, convenient energizer

Low impedance energizer

  • Designed to deliver power to the end of the fence even under heavy load e.g. foliage, undergrowth

Low maintenance design

  • Simple operation

LED indicator

  • LED indicator pulses when energizer is working


  • 12V (deep cycle, marine type) battery. Sold separately. Battery saving mode maximizes battery life. Battery and fence lead sets included. 

Solar Compatible

  • Solar panel (sold separately) charges a 12V battery to power the energizer and fence line. Ideal for remote areas where AC (110V) power is not available. 

Robust covered knob design

  • Easy installation and good wire connection

Multiple mounting options

  • Easily mounts on wall, wood post or t-post

2 year full replacement warranty (including lightning)

PBX120 Fence Charger (12v)
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  • PBX120 Fence Charger (12v)
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